2014 Prospect Digest Annual


The Chicago Cubs: The Right Way to Rebuild

Note: This article appeared in my first book: The 2014 Prospect Digest Annual, which is currently on sale on Amazon for $2.99. The Cubs’ Top 10 Prospects ____________________________________________________________________________ October 12, 2011, the day that the fortunes of the Chicago Cubs took a dramatic, Boston-like shift back towards respectability. Former Red Sox General Manager Theo Epstein…


2014 Farm System Rankings

After running through each organization’s top 10 prospects – and going in even more in-depth in my first book, The 2014 Prospect Digest Annual – the next step, of course, is ranking the farm systems beginning with the Astros and ending with the lowly Angels. Click here for each club’s top 10 prospects. _____________________________________________________________________________________ 1.     …