College Draft Profile: Adam Plutko


Adam Plutko, RHP, UCLA

Class: Junior; Height: 6-3; Weight: 192

Updated: 06/03/13

One of the rare players in the class that’s been a rotation mainstay for three years for an elite baseball school, Plutko seemingly has the pedigree of a first round pick. But the problem, however, is that his production has evolved from good (107.2 IP, 7.69 K/9, and 2.01 BB/9) to solid (119.2 IP, 7.45 K/9, and 3.53 BB/9) to slightly underwhelming this season (104 IP, 6.49 K/9, and 2.25 BB/9). According to CollegeSplits, his park and schedule adjusted FIP is below-average, at 4.15.

Projection: Plutko has a pretty decent pedigree: drafted in the sixth round out of high school, three solid years at UCLA, and a member for the USA Collegiate National Team. He’s another one of these arms that has a high floor/low ceiling. Back rotation-type fodder. But more likely than not: org guy.

Ceiling: 1.0- to 1.5-win player

Likelihood of Reaching His Ceiling: Low to Moderate

Drafted: Second or Third Round


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